Friday, January 21, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond Birthday Bash!

After serious contemplation, Wacky Zacky decided he wanted to have a Toy Story themed party for his Fifth Birthday.  He was super excited about the party and wanted to put in his two cents on every aspect of it. 

I cut out several Toy Story characters using my Cricut Machine.  Wacky Zacky helped decide where to put the characters throughout our house.  Of course the "bad guys" (Lotso, Pete the Prospector, and Emperor Zurg) were all clustered together within firing range of a game...We'll get to that later!

We like to incorporate fun and silly games for the kids to play at our parties.  Using the Toy Story theme we came up with several fun ones to play including:

1.  Army Men Jar:  We made a guessing jar filled with green army men.  It was cute to hear the little kids guess anywhere from 2 army men to 100 army men.  We gave a prize to the person who had the best and worst guess.

2.  Woody's Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gallery:  We stacked plastic cups on a small table and let the kids try to shoot them off with a nerf gun.  It just so happened that the table was placed under the "bad guys" on the wall.  The kids got extra point for hitting Lotso, Pete the Prospector, or the Emperor Zurg.

3.  Moon Rock Hunt:  We told the kids moon rocks had fallen from the sky and landed in our back yard.  We gave each kid a plastic bag and asked for their help in cleaning them up.  Once they found all the rocks they were told the rocks were very special and they should unwrap them to see what was inside.  (The moon rocks were made from balled up foil and each one had a special trinket inside.)

4.  Find Woody:  We told the kids Al had stolen Woody and they needed to find him and bring him back home.  We hid a Woody Doll outside for the kids to find.

5.  Crazy Mr. Potato Head:  We set out two Mr. Potato Head toys and an equal number of body parts for each head.  Two at a time, the kids were blindfolded and got 30 seconds to try to put him back together.

6.  To Infinity and Beyond:  The kids got to launch toy story characters into space.  I printed 6 pictures of Toy Story characters and taped them onto Fuji film canisters.  The kids went up 3 at a time and picked their character.  The canisters were filled with 2 tsp of water.  Each kid was given 1/2 an Alka Seltzer tablet and was told it was the rocket fuel.  They tossed the rocket fuel into the canister and an ADULT put the cap on the canister and everyone moved back.  The kids went wild chanting for which character would shoot into space first.  (The water/tablet combo would build pressure and eventually pop the top off and go a good 15 feet into the air).  This was a favorite for all the kids.

7.  Buzz Pinata:  No party can be complete without a candy filled pinata to bust.

We finished the party with Cake and presents.  Our cake was ordered from a local grocery store.  I'm not sure what happened...It's not exactly like the picture at the store.  Poor Woody looks like he has a case of the Hershey squirts leading up to the toilet he's sitting on...It borders on needing to be on the Cake Wrecks blog!

It was a fun party and Wacky Zacky is still talking about it.

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Anonymous said...

You did a great job on those decorations! It must have taken you forever. Sorry we missed it.