Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guess Who?

Sometimes the most unbelievable things come out of my children's mouths!  It's amazing, one second we are having a normal conversation then "BANG!" they say something that leaves me wide-eyed and mouth gaping!  Sometimes it's so outrageous that I fear what they say to people when I am not around.

Just the other day Wacky Zacky, Zany Janie, and I were playing "Guess Who?" when one of those unbelievable things came out of Wacky Zacky's mouth.

We were in the midst of our fifth game of "Guess Who?" going back and forth asking the normal questions:  "Is your person a male?"  "Does your person have brown hair?"  "Is your person wearing glasses?"  "Is your person wearing a hat?"  When all of a sudden Wacky Zacky busts out with, "Does your person have pussy face?"  Um, do you answer that question?  Before you get offended and forever leave my blog please let me explain.  There is a rational explanation!  No, we do not use the phrase "Pussy Face" in our house.  However, we have on occasion told the kids they were acting like a sour puss.  So Wacky Zacky has developed his own lingo and morphed the phrase sour puss into pussy face to describe this type of face:

I can only hope I am not around when he utters this little gem in public and asks why someone is making pussy face!  For now Papa Z and I get to play the Guess Who? game of who gets to be there when this happens!

Zany thought of the day:  Does your family use any strange catchphrases that others might look at you wide-eyed and mouth gaping?

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