Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goodnight sleepy head!

Getting three young kids to bed each night is no easy feat.  Papa Z and I both go up to put them to bed and it still takes a good 20 minutes to get everyone settled.  Zany Janie and Silly Jilly typically go down without a fight.  Wacky Zacky on the other hand is a different story.  I don't know if it's a gender thing or just some crazy thing Wacky Zacky does, but over the past couple of years he has developed some odd night time rituals. 

It all started around two years ago when he use to lay on Papa Z's chest to fall asleep.  Before he would lay down he would say a series of 4-5 body parts (i.e. head, shoulder, face, elbow) which he wanted Papa Z to repeat.  As Papa Z would say each body part, Wacky Zacky would whack himself in that area of his body.  I know-crazy huh?  At times it was hard to watch as he hit himself in the face as hard as he could.  I must say I do find it interesting that Wacky Zacky never shed a tear as he smacked himself, yet if Zany Janie did so much as brush past him he would be wailing!  This odd nighttime ritual lasted at least a year.

I don't know when it actually happened, but somehow in the past year Wacky Zacky is finally going to sleep without having to lay on Papa Z's chest.  His bedtime ritual has recently morphed from picking which superhero he wanted to dream about  into several statements and questions.  He has said these statements/questions so many times that he can now say them super fast.  Once they pass his lips he's ready for bed.  So for now this is what I hear at warp speed before I walk out of his room at night:  "Iloveyou!  Goodnight!  IfIgetoutofbedortalkwillIbeintrouble?  Areyouserious?  Areyougoingdownstairs?  BuzzLightyearandDinosaurs!  Goodnight!"  Whew!  It makes me tired just thinking about it!  I think I might need to go take a nap!  "Goodnight!  Thanksforreadingthispost!  Leaveamessageifyoulike!"

Zany thought of the day:  Do you or your children have any odd night time rituals?


Charlee said...

Aubree has to have all her friends in her bed the 2 princesses and the hungry catterpillar. Then Breven has to go potty otherwise he will not go in his room to sleep and he has to make sure his Lego men are all in thier places.

Anonymous said...

Um, Lils & Trev go potty, brush their teeth and then say the Lord's prayer. Does that count? I know, we're boring. :)