Monday, May 30, 2011

Good Vibrations

Over the weekend my sweet little Zany Janie turned four.  I am not unlike every other parent out there that sits in shock on their kid's birthday shaking their head and asking themselves, "Where on earth did the time go?"  My only answer is I have no idea, it's just one big four year blur. 

To celebrate Zany Janie's big day, the Zany family went to the San Diego Zoo.  We still drove to the zoo through scattered showers and knowing San Diego had a 40 mph wind advisory.  Despite the forecast it turned out to be a great day at the zoo.  We even took a guided bus tour throughout the zoo seeing most of the animals without having to hoof it up and down all the hills.

It was an exciting day for the birthday girl.  There were so many highlights of the trip.  That's why you can imagine my shock when Zany Janie told me her favorite part of the zoo. 

It wasn't seeing a Polar Bear play with a ball.

Or an enormous Brown Bear pacing back and forth.

Nor seeing the Panda Bear that she insisted on seeing despite having to wait in a 30 minute line just to catch a glimpse of the persnickety little beast.

It wasn't even riding on the Skyfari Aerial Tram, however this did come in a close second.

My sweet little Zany Janie's favorite part of the day was sitting on a vibrating chair while Papa Z and I finished our lunch.  You know the chairs they have at malls and apparently zoos where you feed it quarters and it vibrates to help relax your body.  I didn't know it would be such a significant part of her day so I didn't even take a picture of it.  Go figure!

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