Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sunny CA's not so sunny today!

What is going on with the weather in Sunny California? It has gone from over 100 degrees searing heat to hail, rain, and (gasp) a tornado in the matter of a few days. My sister is here visiting from the Midwest and we were out and about when we started hearing thunder. I grew up in the Midwest and use to love thunderstorms, but I guess I’ve acclimated to California because when the thunder started I freaked out! Then the lightening and freezing rain came. Poor Zany Janie and Wacky Zacky had to be whisked from a warm store to freezing rain as I ran wildly in my flip flops to the car. It felt like I was running on ice and I nearly bit it several times but I’m proud to say I did stay up. On the way home we got stuck in heavy traffic on the interstate (I know not an unusual occurrence in CA) and I turned on the news radio. My sister cracked up when the reporters began telling us about the “extreme” weather. She thinks it’s funny when we get rain and everyone freaks out. What we didn’t realize was that there had been sightings of funnel clouds reported in the near vicinity. I couldn’t believe my ears! I thought I left tornadoes behind in the Midwest to tackle earthquakes in California! We finally got home and were shocked to see hail and snow on the ground! I know it won’t seem like much for those of you that deal with bad winters, but let me tell you it was a shocker to me! Auntie Ju Ju tried to get Wacky Zacky to touch the snow but he wanted nothing to do with it. He ran into the house crying that he wanted a bath. On cold days like this a warm bath sounds good to me too!

Zany thought of the day: Mother Nature throws all kinds of things at us-earthquakes, mudslides, floods, fires, tornadoes, etc…She is so powerful and unpredictable. She is one to be respected!


Stormy Designs said...

Good thing you missed the tornado. I hope the hail didn't do any damage.
When my kids were young a tornado went right past our house. Eerie green gray sky as it approached and yes a train noise. We were lucky, no damage.
Thanks for sharing, great pictures.


ohhh that looks like snow......its still rather cool here for May but I'll take it over the high temps.

hautemommy said...

I live in San Diego- has this weather been crazy or what??!! I am actually kind of loving it since last week was so darn hot I though I was going to die haha!!! We should enjoy this while we can! :)