Saturday, October 30, 2010

Would you like your Spaghetti with or without seeds?

After much anticipation, we finally carved a couple of our pumpkins.  This was Silly Jilly's first taste of the Halloween tradition and she seemed very excited!  From the start it seemed she was going to take a hands on approach, unlike her brother, Wacky Zacky, who last year could barely muster enough courage to touch the pumpkin guts!  (See here!)

Not to be out done by his two little sisters, Wacky Zacky made sure to be the first one to touch the squishy pumpkin innards this year.

Silly Jilly was a close second and found she could not keep her hands out of it.

Zany Janie did not miss out on the action.  This little girl has no fear and was bravely cleaning out the pumpkin on her own, while exclaiming how the pumpkin smelled like Spaghetti.  Spaghetti?  Really?  I must admit, I didn't get it...Maybe my sense of smell is deteriorating as I age.

Silly Jilly must have been on the same wavelength as Zany Janie because she began gobbling up the pumpkin guts as fast as her little hands could move. 

By the end we had to pry her little hands off the bowl and take it away so she wouldn't make herself sick!

The kids picked out the design for the pumpkins and Papa Z and I got to carve them while those little turkeys watched a Halloween special on TV!  Not to toot my own horn, but I think these are the best pumpkins we've ever carved!

Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

Awww, this makes me nostalgic for the first Halloween when we carved pumpkins on Lugonia with our little bear & doctor. I sure wish we lived closer to you guys so I could see you more. :/