Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As we were leaving Disneyland Wacky Zacky turns around, looks me square in the eye and says, "Mommy, you're a pussy!"  Positive I didn't just hear my 4-year-old son call me a pussy, I ask, "What did you say?"  He says again, "Mommy, you're a pussy!"  Okay, I just heard the same thing again.  There's no way that's what he said!  Unless...

Let me go back a couple of hours in our day.  We had met some friends at Disneyland and they talked me into going on the roller coaster at California Adventure.  The past few years I have always had the excuse I was pregnant and couldn't ride it or I didn't want to ride it by myself while Papa Z waited with the kids.  So now I had run out of excuses and there was an opportunity for me to go on it.  I reluctantly got in line with my friend and rode it.

So back to my original story...I started thinking maybe Papa Z and his friend had thrown out a few words about me being scared to ride the roller coaster without knowing Wacky Zacky was within earshot.  For those of you who have kids you know you can ask them something 100 times and they won't hear you, but you slip and say a curse word and they can her it a mile away!

So just to make 100% sure he was saying what I thought he was saying, I asked him to repeat it a third time.  Wacky Zacky says, "I SAID MOMMY'S A PUSSY!"  Okay, I'm absolutely sure that's what he said, so I tell him to tell Papa Z because at this point I'm certain I know where he's picked up this little gem of a word and thought Papa Z should have to deal with it. 

So Papa Z asks him and he repeats it a fourth time.  Papa Z starts asking him where he heard such a word and how it's a bad word.  I'm strolling along thinking, "First of all, I'm not a pussy because I rode the roller coaster little man!  And second Papa Z is in so much trouble because we all know where he heard the word!"

I was a little taken aback when he tells us he learned the word from the cartoon "Tom and Jerry" and he was just calling me a pussy cat.  Of course!  That's what I was thinking all along...

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Tonda said...

omg so funny! Jack the otehr day said "damn water!" when his water bottle fell and i said "jacky dont cuss like that" and he says "oh water is a bad word?"