Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow in Sunny Southern California?

You can imagine my surprise as I log onto Facebook and start reading posts about how it's snowing in our city!  We live in sunny Southern California.  How could we possibly have snow?  I moved from Indiana to California to get out of that yucky stuff.  So I ran outside to see the snow and all I saw was cold wet rain plopping down from the sky.  The next day I logged onto Facebook and again was shocked to see pictures of snow from friends who live only a few miles from me.  I quickly peeked outside and just saw wet pavement...Feeling left out of the excitement of snow we decided to scrounge up as much "snow clothes" as possible and head for Oak Glen.  It was Zany Janie and Silly Jilly's first time in the snow and Wacky Zacky's first time in the snow since he was under the age of 2.  On the way to Oak Glen Wacky Zacky was a little worried about melting if he touched the snow and asked a few times what would happen to him if the snow touched him.  He is sweet as sugar, but come on!  Once we got there we realized we weren't the only ones with the idea to drive to the snow, but the whole family was excited!

Well, I guess I shouldn't say the WHOLE family was excited...At least four of the five members were excited.  This was the one exception:

She basically tolerated the snow.  I can't be certain if she didn't really care for the snow or if she was completely and utterly embarrassed of her outfit.

The whole family had fun having a snowball fight and surprisingly no one cried when they were hit in the face or when snow went down their coat-including Silly Jilly who took one to the face and a few which went down her back!


Zany Janie, the master manipulator, even got Papa Z to make a snowball for her and once she got it in her little hands, she threw it at him as hard as she could!

Zany Janie had fun making her first snow Angel:

And Silly Jilly and Zany Janie made their first snowman:

Minus the eyes, nose, mouth, arms, hat, and scarf.

As much fun as it was to play in the snow, it was a lot of fun to drive away and leave it behind!  I sure don't miss dealing with snow and ice all winter long!

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storybeader said...

I heard it snowed in Calif. and couldn't believe it! The family looks like they all got through it, without melting. Was Zack thinking of the Wizard of Oz? hmmmm.... This is the first I've seen "grown up" pics of Jilly! How cute! {:-D