Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh, the webs we weave!

I always wonder what stories my kids tell other people, particularly the teachers at school.  What stories about our life do they share and which ones do they keep to themselves?  We don't really have any deep dark secrets that if shared would totally destroy our family, but we sure have countless embarassing things that happen to us on a regular basis and I'd rather not have to explain to a teacher about them.  Then there are those stories the kids just completely make up.  There's not a thread of truth to them, but they can tell it like it's the 100% truth. 

Wacky Zacky's class just started a new unit on families.  He was given a worksheet and asked to draw a picture of his family.  I think Wacky Zacky started to blur the fine line of truth/make-believe when he drew the picture of our family and explained it to his teacher. 

Yes, he depicted all five of us in the picture.  No, Zany Janie and I don't have Mohawks, our hair is just pulled back in pony tails.  No, I'm not technically taller than Papa Z, but that's not the part of the drawing that toes the line of fact or fiction.  Do you know what it could be?  Take a closer look at Silly Jilly.  According to Wacky Zacky he is twirling her in a circle by her feet.  Yes, Silly Jilly is a tough cookie because she has had to tolerate bumps and blows from her two older siblings, but we draw the line at carrying her around by her feet!  I'm hoping the picture didn't give him any good ideas!

Zany thought of the day:  I must say I do like how skinny Wacky Zacky made me!  Maybe stretching the truth a bit in a drawing isn't so bad...


Tonda said...

omg i love this im really laughing out loud

Lori Comeau said...

I just happened to pass onto your blog and read the store under your sons picture. This is too funny. I decided to become a follower with hopes to read more silly stuff. Let the laughs continue, Lori